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Get rid of your dusty, unused training manuals. Experience process consistency with short video steps right at your fingertips when you need them.

Chris Fort
The Resultants
Minneapolis, MN

VidGuide is a game changer! We've saved time and money while improving the speed and retention of our employee onboarding and training.

Jonathan Zafrani
EPI Fire Protection Inc.
Toronto, Canada

There is just so much information hiding in our heads. VidGuide is helping us get that out in front. It's a highly functional and simple SOP tool.

Chance Thomas Eaton
Big Sky Way
Helena, MT

The Definitive Guide to Documenting Standard Operating Procedures with Video

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What Makes VidGuide Unique?

Turn videos into step-by-step instructions. Add written notes and edits without having to recreate an entirely new video. 

Quickly create and share standard operating procedures.

Adoption Tracker

Know who has watched your VidGuides. 

Identify team members who are causing problems, making mistakes and delivering inconsistent experiences for customers.  


With VidGuide’s Google Chrome extension, your instructions will automatically appear as your employees use the tools they need to do their job. From QuickBooks to HubSpot and everything in between, we integrate with tens of thousands of software applications.

Your employees will have the guidance they need to complete everyday tasks inside your company without guessing.

Step Builder

VidGuide integrates with tens of thousands of software applications. If you use it to run your business, VidGuide integrates with it.

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Document Your Standard Operating Procedures with Video

With VidGuide, you can display your video instructions inside the software your team uses to run your business.

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Why Video?

It takes 300% longer to create written instructions.

Easy Access

81% of employees can't find documents when they need them.

Preferred Learning

Employees are 75% more likely to learn by watching a video than reading written documents.

Save Time

Find out why video is the best way to document your Standard Operating Procedures.

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